Why We Support Energy Efficiency

Iowa’s locally owned electric cooperatives have a long history of supporting energy efficiency; in fact, we’ve been offering cost-effective energy efficiency programs since the late 1980s. These programs include rebates and incentives for various energy-efficient products, such as appliances, lighting and water heaters.  RVEC also offer programs designed to reduce electric demand, such as installing load control receivers. Additionally, your electric cooperative continues to upgrade facilities to maximize efficiency, including more efficient transformers and upgrades to substations. Generating, transmitting, and distributing electricity more efficiently helps RVEC manage costs more effectively, ultimately resulting in lower utility bills for our members.

Iowa’s electric cooperatives support energy efficiency as part of our continuing commitment to the cooperative principles. First, every electric cooperative is democratically controlled by its members, who elect local representatives to serve on the cooperative board. These board members, in turn, actively participate in governance and long-term decision-making, including investments in energy efficiency programs. By maintaining local control over energy efficiency, these programs can be tailored to meet the specific needs of the members and communities we serve.

Second, electric cooperatives understand the value of education and training. As co-op employees and board members continually receive training to become better equipped to manage day-to-day operations, co-ops also work hard to provide information and education to our members on energy-efficient products and services and how to effectively manage your energy use. 

Third, electric cooperatives work hard to maintain and enhance the communities we serve. Energy efficiency programs can help reduce additional electricity purchases or the need to build additional electric generation which works to minimize energy costs for our members.

Finally, electric cooperatives work in cooperation with other cooperatives to more effectively deliver energy efficiency programs to members. By partnering with other cooperatives, energy efficiency programs can be developed and delivered more effectively and at a lower cost than RVEC could do alone.

Working together with other community-focused cooperatives, RVEC assesses the costs and benefits of each program to determine what to offer to our members. We perform four benefit-cost tests to determine the cost-effectiveness of the program. First, the participant cost test determines whether the program is cost-effective from the perspective of the participant in the program. Second, the utility cost test determines whether the program is cost-effective from the perspective of RVEC. Third, the rate payer impact cost test, also referred to as the RIM test, determines whether the program is cost-effective from the perspective of co-op members who do not participate in the program. Finally, the societal test determines whether the program is cost-effective from the perspective of society in general.

Ultimately, RVEC invests in energy efficiency programs to benefit the communities we serve. If you have questions, concerns, or would like to learn more about energy efficiency, please contact us at 712.659.3649 and ask to speak with member services.

Residential Rebates

RVEC offers a variety of rebates and programs to help you our member-owner save money and conserve energy.  You control how much you save – from a few dollars each month to hundreds of dollars a year – based on your energy needs and participation.

Please Note: All incentive amounts are subject to change without prior notice.  Please give us a least 30 business days to process your rebate claim.  If forms are submitted with missing information it may take longer to process.  The rebates are listed below.  If the rebate you are looking for isn’t listed, unfortunately it is not an incentive program we offer at this time.

If you have any additional questions about residential rebates or need assistance in reading or filling out the rebate forms, please contact our office at 712.659.3649 or email

Commercial/Ag Account Rebates

For commercial or Ag relates accounts, please contact our Member Service Director about incentives.  Please allow 30 business days to process your rebate claim.



Rebate Form

Rebate Amount
Clothes Washer $50
Clothes Dryer $50
Dishwasher $25
Freezer $25
Refrigerator $25

Energy Star logo








Unit must be new, ENERGY STAR rated and installed at member's location.  Subject to inspect by RVEC.  Maximum of $250.00 per residential/farm account per year for all appliance incentives.



Rebate Form Rebate Amount
Central Air Conditioning (High-Efficiency) $50-$100 / unit
Electric Resistance Heat $20 / kW
Geothermal Heat Pump $300 / ton
Air Source Heat Pump / Mini - Split up to $200 / ton
Air Source Heat Pump / Add-on with Gas Back-Up up to $300 / ton
Heat Recovery Ventilators $125 / unit
Air Source / GEO Heat Pump Commpressor Replacement $50 / ton
GEO HP Replacing GEO HP $150 / ton











Unit must be new and installed at member's location.  Subject to inspection by RVEC.


Rebate Form Rebate Amount
LEDs - Energy Star - Retrofit Only $2 / bulb
LED Security Lights up to $30 / fixture
LED Lighting Fixtures - Retrofit Only $6 / fixture
LED Holiday Lights $2 / string








Must be new and installed at member's location.  Subject to inspection by RVEC.



Rebate Form Rebate Amount
Storage Water Heaters (High-Efficiency) up to $400 / unit
Heat Pump Water Heater $300 / unit







Must be new and installed at members location.  Subject to inspection by RVEC.


Rebate Form Rebate Amount
Insulation & Weatherization Varies




Must be at member's location.  Subject to inspection by RVEC.


Rebate Form Rebate Amount
Electric Vehicle Level 2 Charger up to $500





Rebate Form Rebate Amount
Touchstone Energy Home Plus Varies