Outage Restoration

Outage Restoration

Power Restoration Plan


As the winter temperatures change, storm systems are produced and with them potentially damaging winds, sleet and snow. RVEC would like to guarantee you will have power 100% of the time, but that just isn’t possible.


Immediately after a severe storm hits, RVEC linemen begin to assess the extent of the damage. The line superintendent designs a plan to restore power to the greatest number of members in the

shortest amount of time. The severity of the outage and weather conditions always plays a role in the time it takes to restore power.


When a storm strikes, RVEC linemen are immediately dispatched to begin the restoration process. Repairs are made at the substations first, followed by major feeder lines and then individual service lines.


The last portion of the plan, dealing with individual outage situations, can take the greatest amount of time because of the great distance involved between houses. During that stage, linemen move house-to-house making repairs.


All during the power restoration efforts, the telephone calls are answered as they come in. During peak periods, all telephone lines coming into the office can be busy.


The diagram below shows how the restoration plan works. Repairs are made to lines from the substation first. This will restore power to House 3 and Factory 4. The main service line serving Houses 7 and Factory 6 will be repaired next. Finally, the individual service line to House 8 will be repaired.

Outage Restoration Plan