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Considering Installing Solar?

Iowa Choice Renewables, LLC has been established by a group of rural electric cooperatives in Iowa with deep roots in delivering safe, reliable, affordable, and environmentally responsible electricity. We are proud to provide a local trusted renewable energy option. 

Those interested in owning their own solar facility are encouraged to start by setting their goals for such a project. Information in this area, and more, is available in the Iowa Energy Center's Solar PV Energy Guide. The guide is available in PDF format at Once you've set your goals, it is important to implement energy efficiency before installing a solar system. This can save you money by reducing the size of the solar facility investment. After setting goals and implementing energy efficiency, make sure to ask questions such as "Are building permits required?" 

If owning your own solar facility is the right option for you, working with Iowa Choice Renewables means you will have access to high-quality solar products and knowledgeable representatives that can help you analyze your electric use history and renewable energy sizing needs. 

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