Pull the Plug / Recycling Program

Pull the Plug / Recycling Program

Pull the Plug/Recycling Program  

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Pull the Plug on old refrigerators, freezers, and window a/c units and receive $25 per appliance, up to 3 appliances per year! Complete the online form using the link below or call us today at 712.659.3649.  

*Appliances must be in working condition (appliance must cool) and be free of food and debris. Dorm size refrigerators and freezers are not eligible.

Please note: To schedule a pick-up for your appliance, an (800) number may appear as the caller ID. If there is no answer, a message may be left on your voicemail or message machine.

If you did not receive a message, please call (855) 838-7817 and identify yourself as a Raccoon Valley Electric Cooperative member and be prepared to provide your account number. 

Complete this online form to have your appliance picked up by our partners at CLEAResult.





Keep old appliances out of the landfill!

Keep old appliances out of the landfill! 


Did You Know?
• An outdated appliance can cost you up to $300 a year in energy costs compared to a new ENERGY STAR® appliance
• You will receive a $25 rebate check per recycled appliance


Pull the Plug
Your old appliance (refrigerator, freezer, or window air conditioner) has done its job working tirelessly year after year. But now it’s time to send it on its way to a new life as a recycled product!

Pull the Plug is designed to remove old (but still working) high-energy use appliances from our electric lines.


What happens to the appliances
The recycler demanufacturers old appliances and safely recycles or disposes of the components in accordance with local, state, and federal laws and regulations.

Appliances collected will not be reconditioned or resold. All components are recycled or disposed of in an environmentally responsible manner.

The process is documented throughout the entire cycle. The serial number is entered into a database at the pickup site. As hazardous components are stripped out, the pickup serial number accompanies refrigerant, PCB, and mercury switches as they are transferred to handling companies.

Some materials are reused: Metal can be converted into rolled steel for car parts. Refrigerant is tested and some can be reconditioned. Mercury can be recycled. PCBs are sent to a hazardous waste facility where they are incinerated.


What you can do
If you have an old appliance to send on its way, it’s easy to participate:

  • Call your Touchstone Energy Cooperative or sign up online
  • RVEC will review your request and send it on to the recycler
  • The recycler will contact you to schedule pickup
  • The recycler will collect your old appliance and mail you a rebate check